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List of Non-Profit Organizations

The majority of the organizations listed here are located in St. James. Others of a more general nature are located in Kingston.
Child / Youth Counselling Services Education/Training
Health Services Justice & Legal Aid Sports & Culture
Women's Services
Organization Address Purpose
Child / Youth    
Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf Granville, 
Montego Bay
School for the hearing impaired 4 years and up.
Catherine Hall Primary Special Education Unit Westgreen
Montego Bay
Child Guidance Clinic Cornwall Regional Hospital
Mount Salem
Montego Bay
Assessment, counselling and intervention for children.
Children’s Clinic 15 Cottage Cl
Montego Bay
Children’s Services Child Care Office 10 East Street
Montego Bay


Deals with children in need of care and protection, children beyond parenting control, and those who have committed offenses.
Jamaica 4-H Clubs Montego Bay Chapter
R A D A Complex
Montego Bay


‘…to mobilize, educate and train young people between the ages of 9 and 25 years in agricultural, homemaking, leadership and social skills, which will prepare them for, or influence them into careers in agriculture and agro-related occupations.’
Jamaican Children’s Project Charity working to establish a mental health training and violence prevention program for children in Jamaica
Jamaica Foundation for Children 119 Old Hope Road

Kingston 6

(876) 977-0040

Promotes the welfare of children by facilitating collaboration among all entities that impact on the lives of children.  
Montego Bay Little Theatre Movement Fairfield Estate
P.O. Box 220
Central House Building
4 Kerr Crescent
Montego Bay

Contact:  Glenda Drummond

Organization offering creative arts programmes (song, dance, drama).  
Peace and Love in Schools (PALS) P.O. Box 40
7 North Street
Teaching young children between the ages of 6 and 12 years the skills that will enable them to resolve conflict constructively.  
Private Voluntary Organizations Ltd. c/o Catherine Hall Health Centre


Offers services for children with disabilities every 4th Thursday, home programme training, parent support, monthly clinic, assessment and screening.  
St. James Family Court 4 Kerr Crescent
Montego Bay

952-2002 / 979-2857

Responsible for all legal proceedings relating to family life.  Social services includes probation, child care, adoption, public assistance, health, family and marriage counseling.  
Uplifting Adolescents Project Joan Davis
Project Management Specialist
2 Haining Road
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Tel. (876) 926-3645/ 929-8789
A joint project of the Governments of Jamaica and the USA.  The primary responsibility is the betterment of at-risk youth between the age of 10 and 18 years old The project focuses on increase numeracy and literacy among targeted Jamaican youth, through Remedial Education, Pre-Vocational Training and Reproductive Health. 
Western Society for the Upliftment of Children Central House Building
4 Kerr Crescent
Montego Bay


Organization offers counselling, remedial education, school and vocational placement, environmental, child rights and health training, pre-vocational training in sewing.
Counselling Services
Alcoholics Anonymous Montego Bay
979-2862 / 952-2481
Counselling for alcoholics.  
Jamaica Aids Support Email: montegobay@jamaica-
1 Queens Drive
Montego Bay

952-9817, 971-3271, 971-4333

Counselling (face-to-face and telephone) for persons infected with HIV and their families.  
Marge Roper Counselling Centre 10 Barnett Street
Montego Bay
952-9085, 952-1250
Offers counselling on family life issues and health-related issues Mondays to Fridays 9-5pm.
Western Counselling & Advice Service 35A Barnett Street
Montego Bay


Family, individual and group counselling.  
Education / Training    
Caribbean Institute of Technology (C.I.T.)  1 Pimento Way
Montego Bay
953-6014 / 979-8568
Information technology training.  
HEART / NTA Regional Office
11 Dome Street
Montego Bay
952-0172 / 952-4967
Information on courses offered can be obtained.  
JAMAL Foundation – Adult Education Centre 20 Barracks Road
Montego Bay
Literacy, numeracy and life skills training programme for persons 15 years and over.
Montego Bay Community College Alice Eldermere Drive
Montego Bay
College courses and continuing education.

Email: ywcaja@cwjamaica.com

45 Church Street
Montego Bay
Educational, recreation, spiritual and leadership development programmes for the whole family.
Organization Address Purpose
Health Services    
Committee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (CUMI)  1 Rectory Drive
Brandon Hill


Rehabilitation for the mentally ill and shelter for the homeless.
Cornwall Regional Hospital Mount Salem
Montego Bay
Full-services regional hospital with family planning clinic and STD clinic.
Mobay Hope Medical Diagnostic Centre Half Moon Shopping Village
Rose Hall
Montego Bay


24-hour emergency services, cardiology services, mammography examinations, obstetrics & gynaecology services, medical examination, diagnostic radiology, etc.
National Family Planning Clinic 10 Barnett Street,
Montego Bay
Family planning clinic.
St. James Health Department Creek Street
Montego Bay


Justice / Legal Aid    
Amnesty International Jamaica International human rights organization.
Human Rights Consultant Ministry of National Security & Justice, Mutual Life Building, Oxford Road, Kingston 5 929-7119 / 929-7122  
Independent Jamaican Council for Human Rights 131-3 Tower Street
‘The Council pursues the protection and promotion of human rights through: 

(1)   Advocacy 

(2)   Public education 

(3)   Legal aid and assistance’

Jamaica Constabulary Force – Office of Professional Responsibility 34 Duke Street, Kingston 967-4347 / 924-9057 / 924-9059 Office to which complaints or queries may be directed.
Jamaicans for Justice 1 Grants Pen Road,
Kingston 8
755-4524 - 26
‘A non-profit…citizens’ rights action group… believes all Jamaicans must have equal access to fair, correct and impartial treatment.’ 
Kingston Legal Aid Clinic Ltd. 131 Tower Street, Kingston 922-3792 / 922-3761 Legal aid clinic.
Legal Aid Council 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston 922-0080-9
Montego Bay Legal Aid Clinic 17 Orange Street, Montego Bay 959-2183 Legal aid clinic.
Norman Manley Law School Legal Aid Clinic Gibraltar Camp Road, Mona Campus, University of the West Indies, Kingston 7 927-1007 Legal aid clinic.
Office of the Attorney General 79 Barry Street, Kingston 922-4658 / 922-6140 Office to which complaints or queries may be directed.
Office of the Public Defender 78 Harbour Street, Kingston 922-7089 / 922-7090 / 922-7109 Office to which complaints or queries may be directed.
Police Public Complaints Authority 4th Floor, 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston 1-888-367-4357 Government authority with responsibility to investigate complaints in relation to the police.
Sports & Culture
Lawn Tennis Clinic


Gloucester Avenue
Montego Bay
952-4340 / 952-9504
Offers tennis lessons at minimal cost Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm.
Montego Bay Netball Association c/o Boys & Girls Club
River Bay Road
Montego Bay
Provides netball training.  
Organization Address Purpose
Association of Women’s Organizations of Jamaica (AWOJA) 9 Westminister Rd, Kingston 10 929-8911 Umbrella organization to coordinate activities of women’s organizations islandwide.
Bureau of Women’s Affairs 18 Ripon Road, Kingston 929-7144-6 Monitors government policy on women.  
Centre for Gender and Development Studies University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston 927-1913 University-based centre for gender and development studies.
Jamaican Household Workers Association 4 Ellesmere Road, Kingston 10 754-4049 Represents the needs and interests of household workers.
Jamaica Women’s Political Caucus 9 Westminister Road, Kingston 10 924-2434 Helps to facilitate the involvement of women in politics.  
Sistren Theatre Collective 20 Kensington Crescent
Kingston 5
Theatre group using drama to mobilize women and community groups.
Women’s Centre
Email: womenscentre@cw
 2 Peter Pan Avenue, Brandon Hill, Montego Bay  952-7237 Continuing education centre for pregnant teens.
Women’s Construction Collective  (Construction Resource & Development Centre)  11 Lady Musgrave Avenue, Kingston 10  946-1394 ‘Helps single mothers with training, job placement and certification in the male-dominated construction industry.
Woman Inc. 53 St. James Street
Montego Bay
Promotes the welfare of women, runs a crisis centre, shelter and training facility.
Women’s Crisis Centre, Montego Bay 53 St. James Street, Montego Bay 952-9533-4 Offers counselling on matters concerning: rape, incest, domestic violence, and domestic crisis.
Women’s Media Watch
E-mail: wmwjam@cw
9 Westminister Rd, Kingston 10 926-0882
‘A non-government, non-partisan, voluntary organization, to increase public awareness of the causes of sexual violence against women and girls, of violence in general, and to draw links between violence in media images and sexual violence.'
Women’s Resource & Outreach Centre

47 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5 929-8873

‘Carries out community health, community organization and youth education work in downtown Kingston...’

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